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Some Ladies that have used Ray,
The Face Seat Cushion™

Spring is here! And there are several new ladies that will be using ray soon as well as a few who have already used ray! In May, look for the beautiful Cheyenne Jewel to return and use ray. Plus, in June Constance will be using ray again and bringing her friend Tara! Want to schedule a live Web Cam Chat this June? Let her know, her email is on her web page. Also planning on using ray is the beautiful Amazon Beauty Bunny Glamazon! Should be some heavy tormenting on ray!! Drop us an email and make your requests!

Still scheduled to start sitting on ray; Ruby, Sasha, Berlin, Lady Katalynna Kristyna, Betty Jaded, MadMab and Goddess Lilith who is wanting a sponsor to send ray to her or to send her to ray! for more information! More info as we get closer!

Amazon Victoria Sapphire started sitting on ray recently as well and WOW! She is a natural Female Dominant and it shows in her clips. Be sure to check them out and send her your requests for future video clips! See her video invitation (MP4 Format here) and watch for the compilation of all these clips in one file/purchase now online in select stores. You can also check out the compilation clips of the fabulous Constance and the beautiful Domina Amy!!

We also have started putting clips in MP4 format. Here is a sample of Mistress Clarice's latest promo that you can download and view! And we now have a store that only sells the MP4 Versions. Be sure to check out The FSC Clips On Demand Store today! Plus there is a new store that we may also try out. It is called FetMeOver.

Be sure to watch for the new clips online in the eClipStore, Clips 4 Sale, FetishCOD! A few other stores have the older clips as well. They are KinkBomb, Clipvia, & MeanClips stores!! We have found the issue involving uploading the content and will be updated those stores this week as well!! Thank you for your patience.

There are 100s of different ladies that have used the FSC™ that do not want to be known or seen using ray and more than 100 that are willing to share their experience. If you are a female, any age, any size, and you would like to use ray for any duration, on camera or off, send us an and just ask! Also, if you know a female to use ray, let us know.

We are now producing new clips in 720 HD and 640x480 MP4 only. If you need a copy in 1080HD or any other formet let us know and we will sale these on a custom order basis.

Welcome to The FSC Web Site

Please note: The Clips 4 Sale Window on the right is not refreshing the images uploaded to the clips 4 sale site. We are working on correcting this problem, you might try looking at the Clips 4 Sale Store itself.

This is the new "Face Seat Cushion" web site. The original site has been replaced with this site for several reasons. Mostly, because of the recent changes in the D.O.J. 2257 laws but also because it was time for a fresher look and updated information. You might find some of the other content included here but for the most part it will all be updated and reedited.


We have set up a promotions page and will be updating in more soon! You can find it by Clicking Here.

Reviews, Comments, & Web Chat Info

We welcome reviews and comments. For information on how to send us comments as well as read comments sent to us, read the Reviews page.

You may also want to purchase our video clips of ladies using The Face Seat Cushion. We recommend using our newest system the eClipStore but you may also use our Clips 4 Sale and our other stores. They are eClipStore, Clips 4 Sale, FetishCOD, KinkBomb , Clipvia, MeanClips, and the Clips On Demand stores!!

All have been updated and are up to date. One or two of the stores do not include the older clips and the Clips On Demand is only MP4 Formatted Widescreen Clips.

Plus, on the KinkBomb you can prepay for Live Web Cam Chat time! These can be pre-paid in 30 Minutes, 60 Minutes, and 120 Minutes! Ignore the time in the URLs, look on the page it brings up to verify the amount of time.


The FSC™ actually started as a BBS (Bulletin Board System) back in the 80s. It was accessed via modems and dialing directly into the BBS. As the internet developed and started becoming popular with the introduction to the "World Wide Web", the BBS systems slowly died. With it went the first FSC™ system. It was several years later that the FSC™ became a part of the World Wide Web.

The first version of the WWW site for the FSC was replaced by the version that had been online for over 10 years. Ray had started out playing with ladies and having the sit on his face but as things progressed, ray became owned and a new version was introduced. We hope you enjoy this layout and content and welcome your with feedback and suggestions. You can view some of the places The FSC™ has been used in the USA Map and occasionally you'll find a reference to trigger being sat on as well. Twins, go figure.

And once again remember to help support us with your purchase of Video Clips and Web Cam Chats we offer. We don't make much but it does help cover the costs of the website operations. Every little bit helps.

And as a way to help with ladies charities and causes, we are also offering with a few of the ladies "Charity Sit-A-Thon". Just inquire if you want to know more or be a sponsor and support a ladies charity organization.

What is a Face Seat Cushion

Owner Mistress ClariceOwner Mistress Clarice

The Face Seat Cushion™, sometimes refered to as The FSC™, is a specific form of play in the area of objectification. It is not a form of sexual activity or a form of smothering. Although smothering is a form of play sometimes associated with some forms of face sitting, it is not a part of the objectification form of play that you will find here.

Specifically, The FSC™ form of play is a form of role play and endurance where a person takes to role of an object, in this case a seat cushion. More specifically, the role of a Face Seat Cushion™. The other person takes the role of the person who sits on the object and in this case, sits on The FSC™.

Although this may be done with any gender, it is more common with a male as The Face Seat Cushion™ and a female as the person who sits on The FSC™. It is more common for the female to be dressed in daily and casual clothing. Some clothing such as pantyhose, equestrian clothing, corsets, and even tight jeans are popular are extremely popular and requested. Even some fetish oriented clothing such as leather, latex, or even specifics like cheerleader outfits are being requested.

CimmeriaOriginal Owner Cimmeria

The male as The Face Seat Cushion is usually scantily clothed or sometimes, although very rarely, nude to give it a more "object" feel. In some cases, bondage and training by discipline is used. Sometimes this is done just for fun, sometimes for training.

This is all done in the SSC (safe, sane, consensual) style. Since an object does not speak or move, to keep in line with the SSC, a safe signal is usually used. Generally, the FSC is referenced as "it" and not "he".

Keep in mind that ray is an owned FSC™ with NO options or choices. IT is totally up to the woman using ray to decide on this so No Safe Signal For ray!

What You Will Find Here

This site is specifically for sharing the experiences and activities of The Face Seat Cushion™ known as ray. "It" has been and is used by many ladies as a FSC. There are literally hundreds of users and photos of its use that can not be shared or referenced here, however; there is plenty that can be shared so enjoy.

Domme DelilahDomme Delilah

Some of these ladies include some of the popular girls from The Red Face Society™ as well as from video clips and live Web Cam Chats. They include but are not limted to:

Newer Users

Other Users

Plus, many of their friends and other ladies who are working on their membership by using the FSC. All the girls who use "it" for doing clips say "THANK YOU" for your support and "send ideas and suggestions!"
For a complete list, see the Videos Section (A large list and may take a while to load depending on your internet speed).

Charity Sit-A-Thon

We are working on scheduling a Charity Sit-A-Thon or several of them. The idea is to raise money for various Women's Charities! More information can be found on the Charity "Sit-A-Thon" Page!

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