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Mistress Gwen

Mistress GwenMistress Gwen

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A long time lifestyle Dominant Female, also a Professional Dominatrix, Mistress Gwen is a supportive member of The Red Face Society having spent many hours on the FSC.

She is another Dominant Female that welcomes a sponsorship for sending ray to her domain to be used and abused at her hands. Special requests during his captivity would also be acceptable as well as Free footage from the trip.

Send your requests to her

About Mistress Gwen

Birthdate January 13, 1959
Height 5' 5"
Weight 116
WebSite WebSite

The Mistress Gwen Collection

Mistress Gwen

FSC040 Mistress Gwen On The Deck - Mistress Gwen is a lifestyle/Pro Dom who also travels frequently. She is a member of The Red Face Society and has spent many, many hours sitting on ray. In this clip, she is relaxed sitting on her deck and visiting with her friend Trouble.
Mistress Gwen invites male fans to visit her to be her face seat cushion. Details are in the clip.
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