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There is a specific look that some ladies have. It's in the form and shape of their body, for me it's more specific to the thigh and butt area. It's hard to explain as any lady in tight jeans looks good to me but every now and then a "special" look strikes my eye. Domina Bridget has that "look" to me. Plus, not only does she look good in tight jeans and pantyhose, but she is an extremely beautiful woman from head to toe with an incredible smile!

She doesn't list much of her interests other than whipping, and of course the images of her with the whip are hot, which could be useful in her use of extended durations of sitting. I can visualize her sitting in her tight jeans or pantyhose and using a short signal tail aimed at the genitals to correct any "human" movement her object might make to ensure she is not distracted during hours and hours of non stop sitting.

She for sure has my desire to endure and be her 24/7 FSC for life! WOW, it's been a while since someone has given me this much feeling of admiration!

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