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Megan sitting on rayMegan on ray

Megan had her first shot at sitting on ray as her Face Seat Cushion™ and she loves it!

Although she may not get to sit on ray as much as SHE would like, she is already talking with her friends about using ray as much as possible.

She hopes to eventually become a member of The Red Face Society!

If you are interested in maybe sponsoring her for this, send her an and we will work out the details. You might also want to just chat with her while she sits on ray, that can be arranged by as well.

Birthdate March 10, 1994
Height 5' 1"
Weight 120

See her images in her online Gallery of Images along with Sierra Lucas.

The Megan Collection

Sierra Lucas & Megan

Megan Practices Saying the FACE SEAT Cushion (fsc363) - Megan Loves sitting on ray, Her Face Seat Cushion™ but has a small problem. She for some reason can not say the web site correctly.. so, she and her friend Sierra decide that she must whip ray each time she makes a mistake saying it until she says it correctly 5 times!! She even has the nipple clamps and pulls on one of them!!
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Sierra Lucas & Megan

Sierra & Megan Talk About An Ex (fsc362) - In this clip, Sierra is sitting on The Face Seat Cushion™ with Megan sitting in front. They talk about doing live web cam chats which will happen with Sierra very soon! Watch for updates and schedules.

Then they talk about Sierra's abusive ex husband and things she might do to ray as payback for the abuse from him.. poor ray.. lucky Sierra and YOU!
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Sierra & Megan!!

Sierra & Megan Ripping Off Her Pantyhose (fsc361) - Megan is sitting on ray, The Face Seat Cushion with Sierra sitting in front of her on ray as well. They talk a little getting used to the camera and Sierra decides she wants to cut off the pantyhose. Megan helps... all while they are sitting on ray!
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